Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointmen to come shop?

Appointments are not mandatory, but highly recommend; especially for wedding gown shopping.

Customers with appointments do receive priority over walk-ins.

Due to Covid, we are currently limiting the number of customers in the store at one time to 4.

Do you sell off-rack?

Yes, the majority of our stock is available off the rack (with some exceptions).

How many people may I bring to the appointment?

Due to the size of the shop, and Covid-19, we are asking customers to bring a maximum of 3 or 4 people along to their appointment.

If you wish to bring more people, please contact the store so they are aware, and can make necessary preparations.

What should I wear to the appointment?

We recommend customers wear nude or light coloured undergarments, and a strapless bra if you have one, so they do not show/distract from the dress.
Women are welcomed to remove their bras when trying on dresses, however, underwear is mandatory when trying on dresses for hygenic reasons.

Customers may wear make-up when trying on dresses, we just ask they don't wear anything that will easily rub off and soil the sample dresses.

When should I order my wedding gown?

Wedding gowns usually take 6-8 months to arrive after being ordered.
Alterations also take time, especially during the busy wedding season (April-October) when seamstresses are working with multiple brides at a time.
To ensure dresses arrive in time, and there is enough time for alteration (so neither the bride nor the seamstress feels stressed and rushed) we recommend ordering your dress 12-9 months before your wedding.

If your wedding closer than 6 month, ordering a dress is not impossible. Some designers do have a small selection of stock on hand, or offer rush delivery (for a fee), so dresses can arrive in a shorter time period.
Buying a sample off-rack, is also another option.

What is the down payment required to order a dress.

Orders will not be placed until at least 60% of the total amount dued is received.

Please see our FAQ on payment plans for information on making incremental payments.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do.

Customers are able to make regular payments on their orders if they don't wish to pay the total balance, or down payment requirement, at once.

An initial payment, and a bi-weekly payment agreement, will be created and signed by both the customer and sales representative.

Please note, even with a payment plan, 60% of the total balance must be received before an order is placed. The initial payment, and bi-weekly amount, will be considered when preparing the payment plan agreement (so the down payment is paid with enough time for the order to arrive).

Do formal dresses fit like street dresses?

Formal wear sizes always run small, and varies between designers. For example, a person who normally wears a size 10 in their every day clothes may wear a size 12 in one designer, and a 14 in another designer.

When determining the size of your dress, a sales rep will take your measurements, and use a size chart from the specific designer you are ordering to determine what size dress would fit you best.

Please remeber, you are NOT a number! The number on the tag does not reflect your beauty or worth. No one besides you and the sale rep needs to know what size your dress is, and if the number bothers you, cut the tag out.
Trying to fit into a smaller size will not make you look, or feel, better. A proper fitting dress will let you look your best, no matter. the size on the tag.

Do you carry plus sizes?

Yes. Humans come in all shapes and sizes, and our inventory reflects that.

Our samples range in size from 0-30, and many designs can be ordered in a variety of sizes.

Please note that size availability does vary by designer and specific styles.

How should a suit fit?

A proper fitting suit is very important to looking polished.

Check out Ashley Weston's page on how a suit should fit,, or come into the shop and speak with our suit/tux specialist, Trudy.

What's the difference between classic, modern, and slim cut suits?

Coming soon!

Are gowns made to my measurments?

No, gowns are not made to your individual measurements. The sales consultant will take your measurements inorder to determine which size will fit you best, based on the specific designer's size chart. Your dress is ordered in the closest fitting size, and then you have any necessary alterations done to make it fit perfectly.

Do you offer alteration services, and are alteration costs included in the price?

Yes, we do offer alteration services, by appointment, with our seamstress Autumn.

No, alterations costs are not included in the purchase price of items.